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Generate Leads With One Click

Tell Nomadly Leads your ideal client and let the software generate you hundreds of real-time leads in a matter of minutes

Nomadly Helps From Start To Finish

Helping remote workers, digital nomads, and SMBs optimize their businesses.

Create your pages

Drag and drop website builder? Check.
Funnel builder? Yup.
What about hosting my course? Sure can!

...And write your copy

Nomadly's AI writing software can write your blogs, landing page copy, advertisements, eBooks, and basically anything else you need written...

...Then generate your leads

Marketing is key! Nomadly gives you the top email marketing templates, prebuilt campaigns, and integration tools to bring clients to you.

...Track your leads

Do you like chasing your leads? Neither... Throw away the spreadsheets, and handwritten docs, and utilize a custom CRM to manage your prospects and clients

...Invoice your clients

Accept client payments on your CRM. We all hate accounting... Let's keep it simple. Your invoicing should integrate with all your other tools!

...Automate your business

Us Nomads like to relax while we sightsee around the world... Let Nomadly Automate your business from social media posting to calendar scheduling software, we have you covered.

The Ultimate Marketing Solution...

Nomadly starts with the leads and ends with the sale. Nomadly’s Lead Gen automation integrates perfectly with your nurture campaigns and CRM.

Step 1. Lead Generation

Find the exact prospects you want to contact on autopilot.

Set it and forget it. Choose an industry you want to contact, and start your campaign. Nomadly will automatically find real contact information on your dream clients and make it accessible to you.

Step 2. Add leads to CRM

Build your email list and grow your CRM

Your CRM hosts all your customers. Nomadly’s lead gen platform will automatically tag and import your leads into your data base.

Step 3. Nurture your leads

Turning cold leads into warm leads.

The next step in the optimization is turning cold leads into warm leads. Now that you have automatically generated leads and put them into your CRM, you can choose which nurture campaign to add them to.

Step 4. Fill your calendar

Leads will schedule calls in your calendar

Use Nomadly’s built-in Appointment Scheduler and allow your leads to automatically schedule calls for your services. 

Step 5. Start getting paid

Track and monitor sales

Nomadly offers automatic billing, invoicing, and opportunity pipelines to help you scale your business.

Your workflow has never been so simple

Collect Leads

You start by creating a custom funnel for your website. This funnel will guide visitors through your site to the desired action, whether it's signing up for your newsletter, scheduling a consultation, or buying a product.

Book Appointments

Next, you create an automated email sequence to nurture your leads and close more sales. This email sequence can be triggered by various actions, such as subscribing to your newsletter or scheduling a consultation. Leads can book meetings with you directly using Nomadlys Calendar tool.

Get Paid

Finally, you use Nomadlys invoicing system to bill your clients and get paid on time. With automated invoicing, you can avoid the hassle of chasing down payments.

New to freelancing or remote work?

Within the Nomadly platform, there are full training videos on how you can use AI writing, course creation, and other features to quickly build your own remote business!

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10x'd my productivity!
As a freelancer, one of my biggest challenges was managing my clients, funnels, and lead generation on multiple platforms. With Nomadly , not only is running my business easier, but I also have the time to focus on the things that really matter to me!
Marco D
Marketing Agency Owner
Nomadly is an agency on your laptop
I've been playing with Nomadly for a few months and have been blown away by the results. The funnel builder is outstanding, but the CRM and invoicing feature are 10X outstanding. It's so easy to handle all my clients and collect payment without having to hunt them down every month!
Adam P
Design Agency Owner
Must have tool for any online business
For my ecom business, Nomadly has been a game changer. With a few clicks of a button, I can create a landing page for any of my new products. Moreover, the scheduler is top-notch and lets me organize my weeks to be as efficient as possible.
Briana S
Online Fashion Brand Owner
Hands free leads
My favorite part is hands down the lead generation. I have purchased email lists and hired companies in the past with no success. The leads are real-time and actual people which is what matters for me.
Omar U
Above and beyond support
One of my favorite things is that the team truly cares about the customer success. I was having a hard time building a funnel that works, so Josh stepped in and built one for me even though we never agreed on it. Super helpful, great service, recommended!
Hannah B
One stop shop for all your email marketing needs
New business owners often struggle to understand how to make their emails stand out. However, with Nomadlys CRM and email responder I was able to track and close leads much better than on my excel spread sheet!
Digital Marketing Specialist

Nomadly is the ultimate toolkit for small businesses, freelancers, and of course, NOMADS

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